The Menu at the Officina del Gusto is rich and wide ranging. Mixed starters with Patty Cakes, Soufflé and Beef Carpaccio, Seafood starters with cuttlefish, shrimps and sea bass. Pasta and rice courses. Meat and fresh fish main courses as well as all the vegetables grown in our lush vegetable garden. The latter being the main ingredients and added value of our menu.

And, our desserts, entirely produced and packed here at the Officina del Gusto, featuring cakes, fruit tarts and cream cakes.
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“Ci sono molte cose importanti nella vita, la prima è mangiare, le altre non le conosco”

Vegetarian menu

  • Fried vegetable patties, cream of buffalo’s mozzarella and light pesto €10,00
  • Beetroot soufflé with fresh cheese €10,00
  • Salad with pears, walnuts, orange and ... €10,00
  • Whole-wheat tagliatella with vegetables and Parmesan cheese €12,00
  • Purple dumpling with clarified butter and fresh spinach €14
  • Vegetable ratatouille €10,00
  • Zucchini stuffed with cheese, fresh herbs and venere black rice €15


  • Grilled octopus on peas sauce and dried fruit €13
  • Tartar of Shi drum with pistachios and sun-dried tomatoes €15,00
  • Steamed prawns with French beans and oil €15
  • Carpaccio of gilthead seabream with almond and mango €18,00
  • Red prawns carpaccio of with orange, black salt and julienne of fresh fennel vegetables €20,00
  • Fish chowder with croûtons and sour cream €18,00
  • Vegetable salad with prawns and avocado cream €20
  • Selection of mix sea starters (min. 2 pax) €22
  • Aubergine flan with Reggiano cream and rocket pesto €10,00
  • Beetroot soufflé with fresh cheese €10,00
  • Fillet Beef tartar €20,00

Main courses

  • Black tagliatelle with cuttlefish, clams, asparagus and bottarga €15
  • Black and white tagliatelle with gurnard fish, sundried tomatoes and fresh roket salad €15
  • Sardinia fregola pasta with sea food (min. 2 pax) €16
  • Black fish tortellini with mussels, red prawns and cherry tomatoes €16
  • Gragnano spaghetti with red prawns, courgette flowers et lime €16,00
  • Tagliatelle with Cream of scampi, cherry tomatoes and pennyroyal €17
  • Risotto with asparagus and raw red prawns (min. 2 pax) €20
  • Soup of the day €10
  • Whole-wheat tagliatella with vegetables and Parmesan cheese €12,00
  • Homemade tagliatelle with beef cold zabaione and pecorino €12,00
  • Little dumplings with fresh tomatoes and smoked cheese €12
  • Ricotta cheese ravioli with pears, walnuts, clarified butter and crumble of parmesan €14

Second courses

  • Fish of the day grilled / baked / on the salt
  • Fillet of fish sautéed with Tropea onion, pine kernels, and sultanas on a bed of creamed potato €15
  • Fillet of mullet in tomato sauce, olives and aromatic herbs €15
  • Mixed fried fish €16
  • Grilled fresh squids with salad and ginger citronette €16
  • Fillet of sea bass with citrus fruits and steamed vegetables €17,00
  • Slice of pork Milanese style with cherry tomatoes and rocket salad €14
  • Shank of pork stewed with creamed potatoes €16,00
  • Grilled entrecote with ….. red and white endive stewed €18,00
  • Grilled fillet of beef with spinach, chilli pepper and pine nuts €20,00
  • Grilled fillet of beef with herb butter and zucchini €22,00

Side dish

  • Mixed salad €5,00
  • Mixed grill vegetables €5,00
  • French fries €5,00
  • Vegetable ratatouille €5,00

The Pastry Corner

Non pensate che il cioccolato sia un sostituto dell’Amore ….. L’Amore è un sostituto del cioccolato!”

The pastry corner

  • Hot chocolate soufflé with coulis of wild berries €7,00
  • Pavlova with ice cream and fresh fruit €7,00
  • Homemade parfait €7,00
  • Lemon Tart with mousse meringues flambé €7,00
  • Zabaione of Anghelo Ruju with licorice ice cream €7,00
  • Mille-feuille with almonds cream and coulis of fresh fruit €7,00

Officina del Gusto